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Colleen Tandem is a PR firm that is committed to play an instrumental role in the highly volatile and rapidly transforming Public Relations landscape of India. Brands are now understanding the significance of PR and we aim to make them fall in love with it.

In the words of Seth Godin, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” Evidently, PR can help you build good relations, write impressive stories, and create magical experiences for your clients, customers, audiences, and every other stakeholder out there.

In the digital age where your image travels faster than your intentions, a good PR strategy in place is not just important, but critical. We aim to make this vital exercise fun for you, while doing all the heavy lifting ourselves.

We understand that despite its vitality, many brands, especially SMEs, have refrained from complementing or replacing their traditional marketing methods with PR. They had their reasons, but we intend to change this temperament.

Collen Tandem aspires to break all such glass ceilings and make PR everyone’s game. So, get on board with us and help us take your brand to places imagined and unimagined. Nurture your brand with the strategy it needs and scale to greater heights.


The PR sector is essentially known to be “women dominated”. However, year after year studies kept showing that despite being one of the industries that had most female employees, only 30 percent of C-suits actually included women.

We felt this burning desire to make our contribution in changing the scenario. This is one of the many factors that played a critical role in the emergence and shaping of “Colleen Tandem”. Primarily, it is the brainchild of women who like to lead from the front and take every challenge by storm.

This is where our name emerges from, for the team is mainly led by Colleens or “young women” who work in Tandem with you and with all the other stakeholders to make PR everyone’s game.

Founded in the year 2020, when pandemic was on rise and “good image” is what kept most brands afloat and relevant, Colleen Tandem is a fairly new entry in the PR landscape.

However, it has a team of dedicated young personnel that together bring in an experience of more than fifteen years and aim to revolutionize and democratize the industry with their will and passion.

Meet our Colleens

Meet the pillars of our strength and the fuel to our passion!

Purva Dayma: Woman with the Plan

Purva is a Marketing and PR professional with over a decade of super-rich and versatile experience in Public Relations. She has worked with marketing teams of different companies across multiple sectors and has also handled their PR and Corporate Communications efficiently for years before she officially became a “Colleen”. She has an MBA degree in Media Management and a Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communications. Incidentally, she also loves doing voiceovers and will willingly take up any dubbing project. She is also our personal travelog and chef for she loves to tour and bake.

Ankita Dey: Millennial with the Will

Ankita is a Public Relations and Media Relations expert and has the ability to leave you astounded with her highly motivated and solution-oriented personality and an extremely calm demeanor. She worked with many renowned brands across industries in India before becoming a “Colleen” and adds an experience of 5+ years to the team. She did her Masters in Public Relations and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication. A Bengali cuisine and music enthusiast, Ankita loves to hum Rabindra Sangeet. She is also an avid traveller and has a flair for photography and often clicks “DP-worthy” pictures of ours.

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